Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Christmas Season without ...

... the smell of heavenly baked goods is like, like christmas without a christmas tree and glühwein and presents and family and more glühwein and so sad it makes me burst into tears while i'm writing this! it's just not the real deal. it's not complete. but this year – at least until today and for at least another unpredictable while – it's the brutal reality of my life!
i wish, i were only half as good as one of the gazillion wonder women out there, who seem to do it all. you know them (probably are one of them) the women who raise a family, work a full time job, wake up every morning with gorgeous hair, bake, cook, clean, do the laundry, drive the kids to ballet and soccer, throw parties, organize their husband ... mother, wife and super model! well, i'm not! not that i'm complaining but, how do they do it? seriously, how? if you know how, please let me know. they look fresh and sexy at any time. i look like a herd of monkeys got me 10 minutes after i left the house. if i could only manage the "gorgeous hair" part, i'd be extremly grateful ;o)

anyways, back to where i came from. christmas time without baked goods. i just don't have the time this year ... feels pathetic to say so but it's true and it breaks my heart. this was my kitchen exactly one year ago. isn't it pretty?
and it smelled divine! i loved it. it was the perfect winter. snow outside, cakes, cookies, muffins, home made jam and deliciouness inside.

this is how i feel since, i don't know, i guess since there are no more cookies in my kitchen!
there were no more cookies and that's were i just simply snaped.

after feeling like this for days and days and days and days and days and well, you know days, i got around to decorating the house a little. so, even though it doesn't smell like christmas cookies, it looks a bit like christmas in my kitchen ... that makes me very happy and i feel a bit less like losing it any second ;)
happy 1. advent, enjoy the christmas season as much as you can! don't snap, sit down, enjoy a coffee and take it as it comes. that's what i'm gonna do during the next weeks. and maybe i get lucky and find the time to bake. if not, who says christmas cookies don't taste delicious in january?

xoxo J.

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