Montag, 24. Mai 2010


Oh yes, it feels like sinn-cinnamon. It'll melt the sinn-cinnamon swirls in your tongue!
It's time the Cinnamon-Rolls get their place here in our little S. & J. spotlight. They definitely are my Stars at the moment.
Yeast dough is always a Diva. I have good days and bad days with yeast dough, usually i like using fresh yeast. This recipe is made with dry yeast and i love how good the dough turns out with it. After all the mixing and rising and waiting and again mixing and risingis done the fun part starts. Kneading yeast dough is almost as good as a 30 minute work out for the arms! But it's very satisfying once the dough "gives in" and is rolled out. Getting it there is hard work though ...

From here it just gets better and better! First: cover the whole dough with melted butter. Then: sprinkle it with sugar and plenty of cinnamon ... Doesn't it look deeeeeelicious?

Roll it into a pretty tight roll, cut it and put it not too close into a baking tray or little forms. Almost done! Just give it about 30 minutes time to relaxe before you put it in the oven. I NEED that time to clean up my kitchen. Not only am i covered from head to toe in flower, butter, sugar and cinnamon but somehow i always manage to let a bomb explode right in the middle of the kitchen while making these mouth-melters.

50 minutes and a scrubed J. and kitchen later:

Sinn-Cinnamon-Rolls! They melt your tongue, they leave a craving for more! They are perfect for breakfast (lunch and dinner)!
These here are all for my sister! I guess i have to get back into the kitchen. J.

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  1. da liegt ein PINKES messer!!!
    have u seen that PINK knife!?!