Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

The Cake of Cakes!

i'm a huge fan of basically everybody who bakes. no matter what, where or when you bake just get into the kitchen, heat up your oven and do it. it's exciting and enticing and sweet and soft and alluring and slinky and tantalisingly yummy. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and it's about melting butter and – yes yes yes – melting chocolate ... it's out of this world good. if you haven't done it yet, just give it a try. melt chocolate and let your senses be wooed by the deliciousness, smell and texture.

in the baking world there are a few people i cannot get enough of. have you ever seen cookies by the absouletly sweetest Sweet Sugarbelle? you must. they are perfect. every single cookie is a piece of art. i have to stop by her blog daily and can't get enough.
there are so many blogs and websites out there, all of them dedicated to the sweet sins in this world, i'm not able to pick my favorite. like, who doesn't love Bakerellas cakes and cookies and pies and most of all cake pops? i have tried cake pops (i have to tell you, S. is seriously good at them) and they turn out alright. i can show them off and i'm sure i already wrote about them. but no one makes cake pops like the one and only Bakerella. and no one makes it look that easy. one day soon i will order her book – why haven't i done it yet? there is no excuse! but it is on my list of "baking books i need and cannot live any longer without". i just hope there aren't too many "american" ingredients in it. we get a lot here but some stuff is just hard to get a hold of. i'll just have to work my way around it ;o)
(while we're at it and this really is just a fyi: Dear Mrs. and Mr. M&M, please start selling the halloween and st. paddys day and "any kind of other special color"-day specials in hamburg. where do i get pink M&M's? if you could arrange that, i'd be forever grateful. thank you from the bottom of my pink sugar heart. sincerely Zuckerpuppe J.)

anyways. what i really wanted to show you is – imagine a drum roll, hold your breath and be prepared, it will blow you away – this
the 'SATC 2' cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes - NY
isn't it devine? this is the magic work of Ron Ben-Israel and his team of amazing bakers (if you haven't clicked on the link above, take this one and check out other cakes they make. it'll knock you of your feet). it's the wedding cake from "sex and the city 2"s swan wedding. i never really saw it while watching the movie, i just recently stumbled across it and simply cannot get over how gorgeous and pretty and sparkly and shiny and beautiful it is. you should read the "inside story" to it. please.
the viking will drop dead when i tell him my plan. the sweet S. will kill me when i tell her my plan. so, this is just in case: Dear Mr. Ron Ben-Israel, do you ship to hamburg?

i'm in love! it's the cake of cakes. it's my kind of pin-up poster. i need a locker to hang up a centerfold poster of this darling creature – the marilyn monroe of cakes.

xoxo J.

what's your cake of cakes? what's your favorite cookie? or favorite pie or favorite blog or favorite tool for baking and decorating? what's your favorite ... i'd love to know!

i know there are a ton of amazing lovely sweet blogs out there that haven't been mentioned! i read you and am addicted to you. if you want to, post a comment with a link, please do so. i'd love to find new blogs.

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