Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Roll me in Almonds ...

... and i'm happy! alright, not me. but my little almond covered chocolate candy cookie balls. perfect bite size. perfect balance between cookie, white chocolate and almonds. pop one in your mouth and let your tongue indulge in this sweet little piece of the schlaraffenland. at least this is how i imagine the land of milk and honey. little chocolate candy cookie balls floating around and if you feel like one you just have to open your mouth ... i think i'm gonna rename my fridge "schlaraffenland" ;o)

i actually found this recipe in the "cook" book the sweetest S. was writing about yesterday but my trusty grocery store was basically out of everything yesterday  – plus it didn't really help that i (like most days) was shopping way too late for other stores to still be open – so i had to improvise. but i like improvising so it didn't really bother me. i like when things don't go like planed so i can tweak them like i really want them to be. most days i wouldn't do so without the "emergency" that something goes wrong though. if i am able to do it exactly like the recipe says i do it – to me it feels like cheating on the person who took hours and month and so much hard work and dedication and love to actually write a cook book. it's not fair to them. at least the first time it should be done "right". after that i can start tweaking it. so if i ever get to write a cook book y'all better do like i tell you to – at least for the first time ;o)

here it goes: my version of chocolate cookie candy almond balls
300g white chocolate
130g butter cookies
100g heavy cream
2 tbsp. rum
100g almonds
chop the chocolate into small pieces
mix the chocolate with the cream and let it melt in a bowl over hot, steaming water ...
... stir until it's smooth and glossy.
crumble the cookies up real fine (i used a food processor but you can do it by hand, if you prefer) and – you knew it would come at some point – add 2 tbsp. rum
pour the melted chocolate-cream over the cookies and mix it together until it's a – it'll look kinda gooey – yummy chocolate-cookie-sauce. cover the bowl up and put it into your fridge for at least 2 hours. 
get to work with a teaspoon, take of small portions, roll them to little balls between your hands, roll the neat little balls in the choped (make your food processor work a lil for you) almods and voila there done. keep them in the fridge and don't forget to make a trip to the land of milk and honey once inna while to give yourself the amazing sensation of one or two or three chocolate cookie candy almond balls.

gotta go, the dough for my strawberry cake is done and needs some attention. and i still have to cook some pudding. and melt chocolate ... the life i have :)

xoxo J.

p.s. the viking is coming home tomorrow. thought y'all like to know ;)


  1. schoooon wieder erdbeerkuchen und ich bin nicht da??? ich werd verrückt! das ist doch kein urlaub!! :o/
    ... ich hab ab dienstag auch dänen - für die ist schon ein plätzchenteig im kühlschrank :)
    urlaubs- und vermissungsküsse!!!

  2. die sehen ja lecker aus :) und ich verrat dir was, bei himbeeren kaufe ich immer zwei schälchen, eins zum direkt naschen und eins zum beherrschen und verbacken ;)

  3. so kleine verführerische bällchen ... die sind gemein, weil man sie mal eben so wegnaschen will/muss/kann ... lecker!

  4. Das sieht hier alles sooooo lecker aus!

  5. Hallo ihr Lieben, ich habe euch einen Award verliehen:

    Euer Blog ist einfsch klasse!

    Lg, Anna

  6. hej liebe anna, viiiielsten daaank :) wir sind ganz groß im drüberfreuen - aber nicht böse sein, dass wir ihn nicht weiterreichen. wir sind egoistische pokalimschrankbehalter ;) süßen gruß vom blech von J. und S.!