Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011


... there is no english word for butterkuchen (as far as i know) but buttercake describes it pretty accurate. it's a flat yeast dough covered in butter butter butter a little more butter and ahhmmm did i mention butter? yes, if you like, add a bit more butter. since we're so honest with each other at the moment, it also contains the tiniest sprinkle of sugar and a small childs hand full of sliced almonds.
who am i kidding. do you really want to be shy with the rest after adding about 98563276001654654 kalories of butter? does it matter now? scoop on the almonds with both hands but stay easy on the sugar – oh screw it, do it like you want it like it need it, don't hold back with anything it's butterkuchen. butterkuchen needs your love and total dedication to become perfect. don't slim down a butterkuchen, it'll know and it's wrath will be on you ... this brings me to the origin of butterkuchen. i don't think there is any kind of connection between the wrath and the original purpose of a butterkuchen but i think you should know ...
butterkuchen is the traditional cake that gets served at funeral services in northern germany. but it's so good you want it regularly. so either y'all have lots of distant, mean, cold hearted, terrible, elderly family members you won't miss ... or you have to do what i do. bake it. for all i care, buy it! if you're into buying cake that is. it would break my heart. send me your adress and lots of money and i'll bake for you. just saying ;o)

can you see the butter oozing out from under the almonds and sugar on the sides? isn't that beautiful?! 
a close up of butter, sugar and almonds and somewhere underneath all of that is actually the dough. just fyi: i didn't really stick to the "sugar rule". i was out of control.
this is it! fluffly, light (yes, the dough is light!!!) crunchy, caramelly, almondy, buttery, pur bliss and happiness. 
to me, this is perfection. nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary, nothing exciting, no crazy flavours or colors, no wild ingredients. baking like our greatgreatgreatgrandmothers did it. classic and simple but so delicious you'll melt – just like the butter did, when it oozed into the dough. and if y'all are anything like me, y'all eat it while it's still luke warm.

sweet sunday, delicious sonntagssüß! xoxo J.


  1. rette mir ein stüüüüück!!! ich bin heute nur sonntags-einmach-süß-und-sauer, kein kuchen heut ... bring mir morgen uuuunbedingt eins mit! :o*
    SonntagshalbSüße S.

  2. mag ich, lieb ich, einfach lecker!

  3. ahhhhhhhhhhh, eine weitere liebhaberin. das hat mein heutiger könig butterkuchen verdient. also, nicht der da oben sondern überhaupt alle und immer und sowieso. butterkuchen for president auf dem kuchenteller.

    liebste s. wenn morgen noch ein stück da ist – ich brauche nervennahrung und die nacht wird laaaaaaaaaaaaaang ;o) – bekommst du 2!

    zuckersüße träume an die sonntagssüßen backfeen dieser welt.