Montag, 31. Januar 2011


this is just an fyi ... i'm eating them right now! delicious oatmeal-cranberry-whitechocolate-cookies! of course did i bake them myself. of course did i take pictures. of course will i post the pics at some point. but first i have to eat myself through about 8 kilos of chewy-yummy heavenly-gooey cookies.

Sugardoll J.

p.s. yes, there will be more english posts from now on. again kinda ;) for the danish family. for all the english blogs who might one day in the near or not so near future stumble across our little baking-girl-heaven. we can do it all ... we haz it ;o) we might one day rule the world with our cakes and tartes and cookies and pies and cupcakes and muffins ... well, we might not rule the world with our spatulas (mine are pink, who would have guessed) but we'll definitely add some sugar and deliciousness.

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