Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Howdy y'all

ladies and gentleman, for – soon to be – obvious reasons i'd like y'all to embrace the fact that for today, i am not your sweet sugar J. but sweet cowgirl J. including good old worn chaps, boots and a stetson. the stetson would be pink ... of course.

y'all might wonder why. well, first of all i always wanted to be a cowgirl, so why not. but, the real reason is the white texas sheet cake that filled my heart with sugarlove and the desire to become the cowboy princess of the lone star state.

yummy cake! easy cake! pretty cake! good cake! moist and sweet and überlicious cake! this link will take y'all directly to the recipe and while y'all are there take a look around Hollys blog.

yes, not only did i spinkle (i like the word sprinkle) the cake pink, i took the pictures with my awesome hipstamatic iphone app using – of course – the pink lense bettie xl.
i asked the viking if the pink sugar spinkles would make the cake to girly and if he would prefer "manly" blue or black sugar spinkles ... he didn't even bother to reply and i'm sure i saw him role his eyes when he left the kitchen with a very manly coffee ;o) but even with all pink sprinkles he's a fan of the texas sheet cake. fingerlickinglicious!

xoxo J.

p.s. if i wouldn't be madly in love with a viking, i'd definitely be the lady of a cowboy!

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