Freitag, 9. September 2011

5 times a Year ...

... and that's it! fortunately not for cakes and cookies and muffins and sweet sins in general.
but as painful as it is, that's the rule for the birthday cake of family h.: we're only having it 4 – now 5 – times a year! thank you viking :) and we're taking this rule very serious. weird, unexplainable, not quite sane maybe but that's the deal. i'm pretty sure the universe would not implode if i'd dare to bake it a sixth time buuuuut ... do i really want to be the one responible? yeah, no thank you!

the cake is everything and way more a cake should be. sweet, delicious, full of happiness and bliss. no wonder, it's the traditional birthday cake my mom made and still makes for our birthdays, every year. for dad, the sister and me. and every year – when we were little – she made it for herself, too. i'm happy to report she doesn't have to do that anymore!

all i know is, it wouldn't be a real birthday if the cake wouldn't be there! it's essential. it's more important than lots of presents. it's my birthday-breakfast, birthday-lunch and the birthday-afternoon snack.

the cake itself is a very basic cake. fluffy, moist dough with either chocolate chips – the mom (even though she'd prefer the other version more. but she loooooooooooooves her daughters too much to ruin the cake for us) the sister and moi cheer for the chocolate chips – or rum raisins – the dad's favourite (we spent most of dads birthdays picking out raisins, yuck).

but what actually makes the cake so überspecial is every single birthday memory of the last XX years ... like i'm going to admit my age here. pfffffffffft ;o)

the last birthday happend to be the vikings birthday a few weeks ago. chocolate chip birthday cake with tons of love! no problem!
never ever ever ever ever – seriously y'all – never ever use margarine for baking! only if you must. only if butter would actually honestly for sure and all eternity kill you. i mean it! why my mom wrote it done? i have no idea. she'd never use margarine for anything. butter is the real deal, baby!

birthday mornings are the best. cake and coffee and presents.
yummy! next month is moms birthday. and then we have to wait again until march. horror but so worth it ;)

happy fabulous birthday y'all!
xoxo J.

p.s. i'd love to give you the recipe but ... i'd really like that ... if i do, i'd have to shoot you though.


  1. ... wenn ich deine eltern "zuckerpapa" und "zuckermama" nennen darf, wäre ich familienmitglied nummer 6 und *schwupp* wäre auch im april ein birthdaycake fällig! na? na? na? *klimper* :)
    die zuckerschwesta S.

  2. welcome to the family, schwesta S. :)
    vielleicht sollten wir unsere kleine, gemütliche blogstube in "zuckerfamilie blech" umbenennen?
    die zuckerschwesta J.