Donnerstag, 8. September 2011


i love lemons! i love the smell and the color and the taste and all the sweet things you can make out of lemons ... lemonade, yummy ... and i love how amazing they look as a centerpiece on the sunday dinner table. to sum it up: i really love lemons. and lemon trees. so pretty. ohhhhhh and my parents have a beautiful painting of lemons in the dining room. it would fit perfectly into my future dream kitchen ... fine, i'll stop ;o)

last year i spent the summer baking lemon-cream-meringue cakes for the viking. he really loves lemons too – coincidence or fate? this year i came across a great blog called Clockwork Lemon and one of the first things i found while browsing was this! it looked too good to be true. i'm crazy about moist pound cakes – beats any kind of fancy layer cake any day. i had to tweak the recipe a bit for my liking – a little less sugar and a little different icing – but other than that i had the cake in the oven just minutes after reading the blog for the first time. thank you, lady lemon, for sharing this lemonylemondelight!

this is how my first shot turned out – a tiny bit too dark in one corner. i forgot to tweak the temperature of my very – due to my generally sunshiny personality and in this case fear of god he (the oven, not god) might blow up if i'm not gracious, i'm gonna use a  kind word – "excentric" oven.
ladys and gentleman, i give you my very own, very first, very unbelievably-super-delicious-it'll-knock-you-outta-your-high-heels lemon pound cake.
this is how it turns out once the oven was set straight and did what it's supposed to do: bake at the temperature i choose!
and if you're not careful this is what you'll find when you come back to the table from a 15 meter "can you get some more milk out of the kitchen for the coffee"-run.
since my first time, i did it again and again and again and again and yes, again and again. in lots of different shapes and forms and sizes. once you go lemon pound cake ... yeah baby ;o)
before i let you try out the recipe, this is what i have to add: there is something seriously, wickedly wrong with you, if i haven't convinced you yet to try it yourself. love the lemon!

xoxo J.

p.s. sorry sweet S. i know i'll never be able to pull you over to the lemon side. or ... maybe?


  1. süßsauer, so wie ich's von meiner zuckerpuppe kenne und liebe :) und as u know: da liegen noch die limetten in der küche ... ich glaube, morgen isses so weit und ich verback sie. und ich esse dann einen cuppie und du den rest - wann kommst du samstag zum frühstück? :)
    die S. vom blech

  2. 11.00 uhr. it's a date. ich bring den iced coffee mit :)
    die J. vom blech