Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

I didn't ...

.. do it myself! so am i allowed to write about it? of course i am. what's being baked in the family, gets eaten by the family and is part of this sweet sinful sugar world.

i honestly cannot decide if i enjoy more being the baker or being baked for. i LOVE baking. i LOVE cakes and cookies and creams and muffins and and icing and chocolates and cupcakes and frosting. I LOVE eating cake and more often then not a good bloody t-bone steak ...

but is it better to be the one baking away the day? or is it better to be the one eating away the cake?

a little while ago – occasion: aunt u.'s birthday – i was the one doing all the eating (i baked a little but really it's not that big a deal, people are used to me baking something and having my baked goods pushed into their arms ... if they want it or not!). and i LOVED it.
on the menu that day – among tons of other heavenly deliciousness – were: spanish almond cake (dad made it ... it runs in the family!) and italien pine nut cake (aunt u. made it ... i told y'all, it runs in the family)!

i could not for the love of sugar decide, which cake i wanted to eat first. i had to (once again) put my greedy side on display and eat both at the same time. and i didn't do it only once. nooooooo, that wouldn't be fun ... i did it twice. delicious! that night i fell into bed very cake happy.

deciding between eating and baking is impossible – for moi! but enjoying both is pure bliss. thank you S., thank you my dearest family and thank you all the bakers in the world for baking!

xoxo J.

p.s. i'll try to get the almond cake recipe from my dad. it's fluffy almondy magic. i simply have to share it with y'all!

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